Commission ToS

I’m a manga artist, so my style is very influenced by anime and manga. Please be sure you like my way of drawing before commissioning me. For example, I don’t do realist art and realistic portrait. If you feel unsure about your request, contact me and we can discuss together.


Characters I’m most confident with:

  • Drawing cute girls in any kind of outfit and pose.
  • Drawing aristocratic clothings (both male and female), any kawaii or casual outfit.
  • Drawing cute kids, both girls and boys.
  • Drawing bishoujo and bishonen characters.
  • Drawing young male/female characters.
  • I’m not used to draw very old characters, but I can do that.

I can draw indoor and outdoor background, please provide me references or descriptions.
I reserve the right to decline a commission if I don’t feel comfortable with the subject.


Thank you for considering commissioning me! Simply send me an email at or a DM on Twitter or Discord and tell me what kind of drawing you want. Send me also references for the character (written or pictures) and any other request (poses, clothing…) if you have. We can discuss together all the details.


I ship my traditional drawings worldwide. The price for the shipping is 15€. If you want only the scanlation, just tell me.


Time: I usually take 3-8 weeks to finish an artwork, it depends on how detailed it is. But if you have an important deadline (for example if it is a present), please tell me before we start so I can organize in time. For a V-Tuber model, I may need also 2+ months due to the complexity.

Payment: I only accept PAYPAL. The payment must be done upfront, after I accept the commission and once you do it I will start drawing.

Commission: Once you make the payment, I will start doing a sketch. I will show you the sketch and you can ask any changes. Once you confirm you like the sketch, I will start lineart and coloration. After the commission is completed, you can ask only for small changes as it is difficult to modify (or impossible if traditional art). If you wish further and major changes after the finished drawing, it may add costs.

Credits: Always credit me, whenever and wherever possible or asked. It’s forbidden, in any case, to state that the art you commissioned was made by you. Never remove or alter my signature.


The prices are for 1 character. Each extra character costs depending on the kind of commission.

  • Every price is for NON-COMMERCIAL use drawings. That means you can’t use my artworks for any purpose which brings you money. It’s only for private and personal use.
  • For COMMERCIAL use, the price is x2 or above, depending on what you plan to do with it
  • This doesn’t apply for VTuber models: when commissioning a VTuber model, you have all the rights, including commercial, to use it.

If you want different type of drawings not listed in this website, ask me privately.

Prices may change accordingly on how detailed the drawing is. Also prices may change in the time.

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